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  • Solle Naturals LongeviD3 90vc
  • Solle Naturals LongeviD3 90vc

LongeviD3 90vc

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Live Forward!
Adaptogens. A unique probiotic. Mineral rich herbs. An abundant plant source of D3. Combined, they provide vital nutrients for key areas of health that shape your future: bone & joint, immune, and mood, to name just three.

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Nourish your quality of life today, and live forward with Solle LongeviD.
Key benefits for Solle LongeviD (90)

Immune: D3 and adaptogens enhance and modulate immune system performance.

Bones and Joints: D3 and co-factors enabled by the probiotics enhance absorption of key minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are present in alfalfa and plantain.

Mental Outlook: D3 and adaptogens play a key role in stress response and mood strength.

Daily Nutrition: Nutrient dense ingredients like goji, alfalfa and plantain provide rich sources of vitamins and minerals often missing in our diet.

Respiratory: Adaptogens in this formula support a healthy respiratory response in times of illness and allergies.


Reindeer Lichen Extract (Cladonia rangiferina)
(Contains 1,000IU of natural plant-sourced Vitamin D3 per Capsule) The natives of the North used it to battle colds, arthritis, and fevers. It has also been used as a poultice to alleviate the pains of arthritic joints. Researchers recently discovered that bitter acids in lichen presented antibacterial properties to fight against digestive tract infections.

Plantain Leaf
Studies have suggested Plantain Leaf may aid in wound healing, potentially due to its Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Antioxidant, Anti-ulcerative, Astringent properties. It may also act as a pain reliever (analgesic agent), as well as exhibit immunomodulatory properties.

Alfalfa Whole Plant Powder
Rich in protein as well as vitamins A, C and K, alfalfa is a nutritious whole food, packed with antioxidants and minerals including magnesium, calcium and iron. Heavy in phytoestrogens, alfalfa is used in the treatment of menopause symptoms to combat estrogen deficiency. It is also a popular tonic for flushing the body of toxins.

Goji Berries
The goji berry is native to Asia, and people in Asia have been using this brightly colored fruit for more than 2,000 years as a medicinal herb and food supplement. Goji benefits range from anti-aging effects to glucose regulation and immune function support.

Guduchi is an adaptogen and is one of the most highly revered plants in Ayurveda, Guduchi is also referred to as “Heavenly Elixir” and the “Nectar of Life and Immunity”. It has also been described as “one which protects the body”. In Ayurvedic Medicine, Guduchi is classed as bitter and astringent with a special action to destroy toxins – both internally and externally. It is traditionally used to promote life and longevity, increase strength, increase appetite, as an aphrodisiac, a blood cleanser, digestive aid and to alleviate skin disorders.

Propionibacterium Freudenreichi
This anti-viral and anti-fungal probiotic strain inhibits the growth of yeast and mold and generates short-chain fatty acids which protect the intestinal lining. This unique strain produces conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which can then be converted into DHA and/or EPA. It also supports absorption of calcium, magnesium and potassium and is the only microorganism that has been both granted GRAS status and shown to produce the active form of vitamin B12

Organic MCT Oil Extract
As the name suggests, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. Due to their shorter length, MCTs are more easily digested than longer-chain fatty acids found in many other foods. MCT oil is easily absorbed and transported throughout the body. It can be used as an instant source of energy or can be converted into ketones. MCT oil could potentially help manage diabetes by reducing fat storage and increasing fat burning. It may also help manage blood sugar.


The Solle Difference

We combine concentrated extracts with whole plant powders for maximum assimilation, always including adaptogens for complete mind and body nutrition. In addition, our plant sourced vitamin D3 provides a new, better option for daily intake of this key factor in vital health areas of life.


Product Use

Take 2 capsules daily as part of an overall wellness program.

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